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Matabeleland South Province held a two-day Artisanal and Small Scale Miners (ASM)   indaba under the theme “influencing ASM ease of doing business reforms to empower communities.” The indaba was held on 6 and 7 September 2017 at a district club in Gwanda town was fully subscribed with delegates from 13 associations.  148   people participated during the indaba, comprising of 74 females and 74 males, largely dominated by artisanal and small scale miners from the province.

The province has nearly 5000 registered small scale miners, 3 995 gold, 892 base metals and 113 semi-precious metals. These miners came from Matopo, Insiza, Mapisa, Shangani, Mpoengs, Filabusi, Mangwe, Gwanda, Bubi and Mpoengs.  Other stakeholder groupings that participated at the indaba include relevant government ministries and agencies, CSOs, CBOs, suppliers and the media.  Three ASM associations from Gwanda, that is, Youth in Mining, Women in Mining and Lushonkwe were the lead organisers. Technical and financial support was provided by the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA). Expected outcomes of the indaba were;

  • Documented specific asks of Matebeleland South ASM associations on ease of doing business reforms.
  • Improved knowledge on emerging and best practice concerning responsible and profitable ASM
  • Improved information sharing on regulatory development, investments and supply chain opportunities concerning artisanal small-scale miners

Find below the Mat South Key Asks on Ease of Doing Business in the ASM sector



Impediment Suggested solution Responsibility



High prospecting licensing fee $200 To be reduced to$50 Ministry of Mines
2. High mining title registration fee $200 To be reduced to $100 Ministry of Mines
3. High cost of explosives purchasing $500 and storage permit $500 p/a Suggested fees $50 per each permit Ministry of Mines
4. High cost for change of ownership $500 and 1% of the selling price. Reduced to $200 Ministry of Mines
5. Custom milling permit too high at $5000 per annum Proposed cost $2000 Ministry of Mines
6. Carbon movement permit too high $500 per 6months $100 Ministry of Mines
7. Elution plant permit $500 per months $100 Ministry of Mines
8. Mining blasting licencing $200 and First Aid certificate $70 $100 and First Aid to be $10 Ministry of Mines
9. Approved prospectus licence $5000 $1500 Ministry of Mines
10. Ore removal permit, eg in Matebeleland south , miner from Mpoengs one has to 700km to and fro Permit to accessed at district level Ministry of Mines
11. Waiting period for mine registration takes up 6months- inefficiency If 30 days lapses one must deemed to have the permit Ministry of Mines
12. Dispute resolutions taking too long in the Ministry of Mines Urgent establishment of Mining Affairs Board at Province and Mining Districts Ministry of Mines
13. High court taking time to resolve disputes eg more than 2 years Special courts for mining disputes and court judgements to be delivered within 6 months Judicial Service Commission
14 Multi claim ownership Stem corruption (eg a whistle blowing facility) and a computerised mining title Ministry of Mines
15 Mining registration certificate replacement $150 $50 Ministry of Mines
16 Timeframe for replacing the lost certificate taking about 6 months At least two weeks Ministry of Mines
17 Mining title revocation communication poor Use SMS to communicate when the title expires Ministry of Mines
18 Revocation period short- 30 days

If the title expires through non-inspection, one must renew within 30 days

90 days Ministry of Mines
19 Reregistration of a revoked mining title costs $1000 $500 Ministry of Mines





Progress reports for the Environmental Management Agency should be done in 3 months



Payment of an EIA registration $253





           Methods of submitting

To introduce online method of payment






Environment Management Agency
22 High costs of EIA consultants it can be $5,000 Popularising group EIAs to reduce the fees Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation and ASM associations
23 High affiliation fees to ZMF 500 per year per association $200 Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation
24 ZMF is competing with associations that it representing Individual members should be registered with ZMF Zimbabwe Miners’ Federation
25 Taking the roles of mines inspector, therefore fuelling corruption, like we have an operation for Filabusi we need fuel, launch Stick to their mandate since we have the mining inspectors ZRP
26 Unscheduled visits even at night which expose miners to robbery Provide a list of all operating officers like in the Midlands and also give schedule for visits ZRP
27 60% payment in US$ and 40% payment in bond notes is not working 100% US$ payment to miners except for the 5% incentives RBZ
28 Poor access to loan funds from FPR eg $30 million has so far benefited 179 people nationally. Copy the Agric and farmers model where loans are accessed at nearest Agri Bank


Our own miners bank

Allocation per province


Maximum loan threshold should be pegged at $15,000


29 No value for money on service delivery like roads Value for money deliver public utilities like roads


Harmonisation of all RDC fees

Rural District Councils
30 Too many hands involved in the administration of rebates and it takes time eg 30 days One stop shop  
31 ZMF board restructuring, it must include other public stakeholders which includes Min of Mines, MMCZ, EMA, MBCU (police) RDC, lands, ZIMRA, RBZ, Fidelity One stop board from national, provincial and district MMMD, ZMF