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Public sector accountability in Zimbabwe was reinforced by the introduction of the Public Finance Management Act (Chapter 22:19). Discuss the statement.

The decade leading to 2009 was a difficult period in the history of Zimbabwe. Inflation reached astronomical levels and the country almost came to its knees. There was alleged abuse of public funds and corruption by public officials.  In this essay I am going to discuss the background leading to the drafting of the Public Finance Management Act (Chapter 22:19). The predecessor of this Act are the Audit and Exchequer Act [Chapter 22:03] and The State Loans and Guarantees Act [Chapter 22:13]. These two pieces of legislation had become almost useless in curbing rampant corruption. Hence the inclusive government that presided over the economy of Zimbabwe after 2009 found it necessary to repeal these acts and replace them with the Public Finance Management Act.

There were delays in making…

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