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  1. Gold will continue to do well. The country is likely to breach 20 tonnes once again as the RBZ continues its drive to mop up ASM gold through increased monitoring and improving market access (‘ no questions asked’ policy). There might not be a significant increase in gold deliveries if the liquidity crisis does not ease. Deliveries are likely to plateau- discouraged by failure of FPR to pay hard currency but evened off by miners who may still want some of the 5% export incentive. Alluvial gold mining in Gache Gache by Zimbabwe Diamond Mining Company might result in a significant increase. Either way, gold is the one to watch.
  2. Platinum is also likely to keep doing well. The major companies- Unki, Mimosa and Zimplats are established companies and have expansion plans. Barring a huge fall in commodity prices (one that cannot be shored up by increasing production…

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