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-a circle of light shown around or above the head of a saint or holy person to represent their holiness

Econet has long fashioned its story as that of the underdog. The small pesky little company that came against the government’s full might. The small up-start that fights in the corner of the ordinary citizen. The start up that upended a staid industry. A truly successful Zimbabwean company that has grown into a global innovative juggernaut all the the while maintaining its ability to do good by its customers.

I have been a loyal Econet customer for years. I have never owned a Netone or Telecel sim. I will continue being a loyal Econet customer (ZOL is awesome and Econet does innovate). Its difficult to escape the company’s tentacles- ZOL, Ecocash, Steward Bank, Mutare Bottling Company, Liquid Telecom.  But lets face it- the halo is gone. After the…

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